Saturday, April 17, 2010

Send her with Love and Pride………

-saket narayan
India is a democratic country and we all are very free to make our own decision regarding our own life. Similar is for her even. It’s her life and she has got the right to make the decision for her life. What the hell problem we all are having and why are we having this problem?
She is the pride to the nation, she has brought many glory to the country. Then why now these scenes are being created. It’s her marriage and it’s her decision whom to marry and when her family is also ready then why to do all these? We are the Indian one who honour and respect its guest, we tell “atithi devo bhawa” and what are we doing now with Shoaib?
At present he is not a Pakistani. He is the groom of the country’s one of the most endearing daughter Sania Mirza. When the lady won medals and titles she was the pride daughter of the nation but now on just a decision of her marriage with a Pakistani cricketer, has snatched all her credits. To what extent is this ethical and logical?
Either we Indians should learn to accept and welcome decisions like this or we should put off the mask of diplomacy and democracy. These big things should not just be on paper but should be practically practiced. It really would have been an honour and pride if the entire country would have welcomed her decision and would have supported her. But we couldn’t do so, now also it is not late. Let’s come forward and send her with promise of always giving her the honour of being the one of the most endearing and pride daughter of ours and her motherland India. Please send Sania with love, honour, care, pride and well wishes for her upcoming married life. May God Bless Her……………!!

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  1. that right now we wish that they live happly and now they don't face any problem