Friday, April 9, 2010



Its true that night jobs are affecting peoples physical and mental health .Its because of globalization that people started working in 24X7 environment. Due to these types of jobs their has been a drastic change in human daily life routine. Since childhood we have been taught to follow a fixed routine and enjoy life in early to bed and early to rise policy. Person’s body gets used to it and maintains the routine taught to him .When sudden changes are made to this “ Ancestorial fixed routine of human life circle” it affects a person’s physical and mental health .
Night jobs affect person’s food habit and also disturb his sleep. It start affecting digestive system as it disturbs the food habits resulting in severe health issues .As far as sleep is concerned it is suggested that a person should sleep for 7 hours to rest his brain that reactivate him . This is not possible during the day time as the silent environment provided to us at night is not possible in a day time.
Due to irregular food habits and insuffienent sleep a person starts feeling uncomfortable and develops frustration along with health and mental sickness .A person starts loosing his thinking ability. These types of work culture also affect a persons personal life creating distances between his family and society as due the daily routine of a 24X7 work culture person’s is directly opposite to the members in the family and society.
Hence night jobs affect a person’s physical health and mental stability for sure but it depends upon person to person that how much he or she is getting affected.

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