Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Main phir se farishta banna chahta hoon ...

Nitisha Kashyap

Till graduation, when I was at my home, life was so much fun, no worries at all. Life was simply my books, my scooty and my friends. Life was no less than a princess’. Thought this is how life is enjoyed. Used to consider those a fool whose patent dialogue was “life’s a trouble”.

Now that I’m away from home I understand why life for few is no less than a trouble. My trouble is little different…I have to eat myself :( my maa saheb (I call my mother maa saheb) is not here to help me eat…don’t have papa with me, whose twinkling eyes used to encourage me for each and everything…can’t dictate my sweet sister now…Sunday’s scooty race is no more here which is also a trouble for me…no more can I chat with my friends on that famous “American street”…can’t make air in the castle which was our favourite time pass….so much trouble… but the biggest one off course is the one stated in the beginning….

I am fond of eating from my maa saheb’s hand…though she used to scold me saying “you are about to graduate still you are no less than a child“ but i knew even she used to love this act of mine..probably that’s why whenever i used to say ” maa saheb khana khila dijiye na” a smile used to run on her face…i miss that smile like anything…it was my daily act to get late for the classes and shout “ no i wont eat i’m getting late”..then suddenly she would appear from kitchen with plate in her hand saying “hum khila dete to late nahi hogi tum”… now the situation is very different. Even if i’m getting late no one cares. But obvious…either miss classes or skip breakfast..choice is mine and i usually choose the second option….

Though i’m here at my own choice. No body forced me to come here and was also knowing my troubles…still i chose this place despite knowing maa saheb wont be here with me (definitely an insane decision, i guess).

“main phir se farishta banna chahta hoon maa k aanchal se lipat kar bachcha hona chaahta hoon”

miss you maa saheb ardently…


  1. Now unable to understand word to word but got the emotions. very nice.........

  2. i m speechless,its heartening

  3. good one, really reminded me of my mother. maa is the best gift god gave to human. miss u maa................


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