Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hang him till death………….

-Saket Narayan.
To you it will sound like a film’s dialogue but it is real that an Indian cannot resist two things first to lose a cricket match and second much more important one attack on the country. This statement was again proved to be true when on Thursday 6th may Azmal Amir Kasab accused for 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack was ordered death sentence.
The craze among the countrymen regarding the decision of the case and the celebration done after the decision is the example of this fact. No doubt this shows the patriotism of the people towards the nation and it is very obvious also. The Indians are always and all over the world are known for their patriotism. The decision making in this case also set a record for the fastest hearing of any case in the country. In the case whole nation was involved and it was a much-much awaited decision to be made by the court. Altogether it is really good to get a decision so quickly and also when the interest of whole country is connected to it.
But isn’t it like punishing the puppet of the show. Even today we don’t have the real culprit and the main planner of the incident in our custody. We are celebrating the death sentence of Kasab to what extent it is correct and even the way we are reacting on this decision, do it make any sense? If we thing for a minute then we will realize that what exactly we are doing. We are rejoicing a death sentence. No doubt he is the culprit and he should be punished but to celebrate it and also in such a way is correct by no means. This decision is the first step of our victory we still have to go a long distance. We have to reach till the main culprit, it is just a beginning.
If we really want to pay homage to the people who died in the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack then we need to continue our work on this case. We should not stop till the end, till when the main culprit of the case is in our custody. Till then no doubt it is a big achievement to give death sentence for Kasab but along with this we even need to control our emotion and way of expression and celebration. With the hanging of Azmal Amir Kasab till death, we should also not hang our human nature and our humanity which makes us different from them.

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