Monday, October 25, 2010


Vikas Mishra
25 october,2010
Our religious scriptures enjoin upon us the duty to accord due respect to women. God live where women are worshipped. The need to incorporate the injunction into the constitution of India arose due to the prevailing atmosphere in which women are denied the rightful place in society and are subjected to humiliations, galore which reduce them to a position inferior to men.
The average women have always led a life not better than that of a slave. At all the stages of life, right from childhood to the old age, she have been in a subordinate position to man. She has never been recognized as an independent entity free to select a course of her life at her own choice. Her good has always been said to be associated with the good of the husband whose service alone has been recognized as a way for deliverance. For wife the only God worth worshipping is her husband regardless of the fact that he treats her well or not. The irony is that “man is born of woman and yet the latter is dominated by the former“. Women have been enslaved, degraded and subjected to various types of atrocities and tyrannies at the hand of men and the men have dominated society. Even the modern times have not brought liberation of them. The gift of democracy which we have received from our generation is denied to women. Not to speak of the women of India, their counterparts in some advanced countries too were never treated on a footing of equality with their men folk - for example the united kingdom adult franchise to women was as late in coming as 1928 . Women in France were enfranchised as late as 1956.
Education has always been regarded as the sole preserve of men. All this is highly derogatory for women. Most parents treats a girl as an inferior being and consider them an unwanted burden. There is a clear discrimination in favour of boys and against the girls in their upbringing. In matter of education again girls are blatantly discriminated. That is why women’s education in India as well as in other countries lag behind men’s education. Women are subjected to various kinds of harassments and atrocities if they dare to come out of the four walls of their household.
But certain measures for the empowerment of women are being taken like reservation for women in jobs and in legislative assemblies and other democratic institutions right from the parliament down to the village panchayats is round the corner. Steps are being taken in government services to allow out of turn promotion to women. Girl’s education is receiving top priority with a number of Indian already having made female education up to intermediate level free. Thinking is also a foot to make degree and university education also free for women. Measures are also being taken to make women self- reliant economically in the rural India. Excellence in every field of life is no longer a man’s preserve. Women power is asserting itself surely.
To conclude I would say, “Women are the maker and moulder for the destiny of every society “.


  1. Dear Vikas,
    Your article is good. In empowerment, we provide support our people and given the freedom to perform.

    Warm Regards
    Ankur Vijay
    Hindustan Times, Delhi

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