Saturday, October 9, 2010

For beautiful ladies…………..

Saket narayan
Bhopal, oct 9, 2010
Ladies and beauty tips are like two opposite polls of magnet, wherever they are, they will come closer and closer to each other. God knows for till date no scientist has found that there must be some special type of hormone in women for their beauty conscious nature.
Thinking of a topic to write which would be read by maximum people I decided to attract the beauty conscious gender and decided to write about the beauty tips for beautiful ladies. Now everyone will say that why have I written this for beautiful ladies only, then the reason is that every lady wish to look and be complimented beautiful. Now I need to talk some useful and related things to my subject. But before that let me clarify that I m not a professional, so before trying any tips do consult a beautician, or you will be solely responsible for the undesired and ugly outcome.
If the young ladies are facing the problem of loosening of skin then you must try Elovera Jel on your face. The girls considering themselves inferior because of dark complex and wish to become fair need to use Scrub regularly. Ladies small eyes can use this to give a big look to their eyes. These ladies need to use eyeliner on their eyelid and apply light color eye shadow on their eyelid. As tip is monsoon season then women getting ready for party should remember to apply waterproof make up. In this season light shade make up should be preferred. Ladies with oily skin should avoid using foundation in monsoon season, at this time they should go for compact powder. For the ladies with dry skin the tips are use nourishing cream or do masaj with pure Badam Oil. Girls with dark or black color of lips should make a paste of milk and kesar and apply it on their lips.
I think these many tips are sufficient for the time being. Now it’s your part of job to try it and make my effort worth successful. Hope these tips will prove to be beneficial for you all beautiful ladies at every corner of the earth, but sorry unfortunately the earth is round…………..


  1. sir i'm very much afraid to follow your advice...but the main thing that you forgot to mention was KOHL, which happens to be the global trend these days.

    nice attempt of humour.

  2. thanks saket for providing these types of beauty tips bus one thing that i want to say you these r not only for female charecters because now a days male charecters have also become very concern about their appearence,you can find these types of example very easly in our sorrounding.

  3. well saket, naari sundarta ko badhaba dene ke liye yah bahut accha kadam hai...lekin purusho ko mat bhool jaana yaar

  4. बाबू आजकल तुम पर भगवान की बहुत कृपा हो गई है।

  5. Thanks sir....... i'll definately try these tips.... bt agar koi side effect hoga to aap he responsible honge...

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