Monday, June 7, 2010

Full Majority To Rajneeti

-Saket Narayan

Call it Rajneeti of Prakash Jha or modern Mahabharata, it won’t make a big difference. But really what makes the difference is the way of presentation and the classy acting. Prakash Jha and his Rajneeti has everything to rule the box office.

The movie very nicely, manifestly and minimally justify its theme and the dirty politics of the nation. As during the making and promotion of the movie only it was being discussed that the quality of actors that are picked for the movie have set its path to be a big hit. Prakash Jha known for his serious theme and exceptional work has once again stood very firm on his reputation and image.

As the name only suggest that the movie is based on politics is very true. But it’s not just the politics, the politics is molded in the form of modern Mahabharata. It is the story of a political family in which as the young generation comes into power there is fight for the hold of the making and then for the C.M of the state. Manoj Bajpaye the son of the president of the party wants to get the authority of the party. While on the other side Arjun Rampal cousin of Manoj Bajpaye wants his father to be projected as the C.M. in this fight of power Arjun Rampal’s father is killed. Thus from here the main politics starts and the younger brother of Arjun Rampal, Ranbeer Kapoor along with is maternal uncle Nana Patekar gets into politics. At the same time Manoj Bajpaye gets a great power support of Ajay Devgan, which makes the movie’s resemblance very prominent with Mahabharata. From here the real struggle and the fight for the power of dirty politics begins and goes to its extreme.

The character of Ajay Devgan is very similar to that of Karana of Mahabharata while Ranbeer’s character resembles to that of Arjun and Nana Patekar is casted as the Lord Krishana. There is no point of talking about the acting, each and every actor have justified their role. Katrina Kaif looks very breathtaking in the traditional look. The music of the movie is really very melodious and instrumental. The movie is all set to bang the cinema hall. The raj of Rajneeti will rule the box office. It is more than just worth seeing. It’s really an awesome movie and seems that there is full majority for Rajneeti.

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